Welcome to our Website!

Welcome to our Website!

Here, we share with you Myles & Ayesha® – African-American cartoon characters with a joy for learning, playing, and discovering new things.  As each day passes, this website will grow as they do and will feature various activities created for you to learn more about them …and yourself!

Why Myles & Ayesha?

Why Myles & Ayesha?

Myles & Ayesha® come to you and your family in several formats over the next few months – mobile learning applications, online games, puzzles, and apparel.  They were created to encourage learning and exploration of science, technology, engineering, art, mathematics (STEAM), history, and reading!  There is an entire world out there to be discovered.  We want kids around the world to investigate it all with us.

For Parents!

For Parents!

Our entire team is excited about the inspiration and connection your child will feel when they learn, grow, and discover with Myles & Ayesha®.   We understand your desire to make sure your child gets the best learning experiences life has to offer. Our intent is to help bring them within closer reach. Research and evaluation will help us monitor our progress. We’ll let you know how you can help too!

Play a Sample Match Game Now!

Play a Sample Match Game Now!

Get a sense of what the Black Inventors Match Game looks like.  Play a Sample Now!  Be careful!  It can be addictive!  🙂

Play a Sample Match Game Now!

The Black Inventors Match Game:  Learn as You Play!

Three Playing Levels

Play the Black Inventors Match Game in one of three levels (easy, medium, and hard).

Local Leaderboard

The names and times of the top 3 scorers are stored in the local leaderboard.

Learn about Black Inventors

Learn about the names, historical bios, and patent numbers, along with original patent drawings of each invention.

Enhance Memory

Quickly remember where the pairs are to finish a game.  Gameplay is timed.

Improve Dexterity

Great for eye-hand coordination exercises for all ages.

Support Myles & Ayesha

There are 2 versions of the Black Inventors Match Game = LITE (free but no updates) & FULL ($0.99 + continuous updates).

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