Myles & Ayesha® are the best of friends! They were created for fun, entertainment, and to help children learn. Together, they help your child learn science, explore historical facts, practice reading and writing, and and try new things. As a matter of fact, as time goes by, you’ll find out a lot of what they do on this website.  They are smart, curious, funny, and they love to learn. Stick around, you’ll see….

As we watch them accomplish their goals, they will blog about what they learn along the way. They will also recommend books and experiences you should look into, so feel free to join their journey. You’ll have a great time and you just might learn a few interesting things.

So, feel free to send them email, share what you think about them and their different activities, and offer your suggestions on how they can accomplish their goals.

Why create Myles & Ayesha®?

Myles & Ayesha® lead a research effort in culturally relevant learning technology.  Rooted in artificial intelligence, they are positioned as ‘learning companions’ and provide children, especially African-American children, with reflections of themselves and their ways/behaviors as they learn and grow.  We believe placing them within the learning context gives children a sense of familiarity, encourages more interest and engagement, and provides them with a companion as they learn.

This belief is tested in various forms of learning technology – animation, mobile technology, interactive games and activities, as well as books and other forms of written material.  Thus, making this a research and development effort.

How will we create Myles & Ayesha® story-lines?

Myles & Ayesha® will be featured in animations that will teach and entertain.  In the coming months, we will work with students of all ages to assist in the creative process during- and after- school.  These creative sessions will help us develop storyline as well as provide opportunities for these students to express themselves artistically.  Students will help with content, tone, and personality.  They will also help illustrate and direct scenes and content.  We will also work with professional storytellers, animations, and illustrators.

Who created Myles & Ayesha®?

Myles & Ayesha® were conceptualized in December 2009 by Dr. Leshell Hatley, Lead Researcher of the research team and Executive Director, at Uplift, Inc., a STEAM+CS (science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics & computer science) education, research, and development company working to discover ways to help young people learn better with technology and animation.  Our team described above will help us bring them to life.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

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