This is Ayesha!

This is Ayesha.  Ayesha (another variation is Aiesha) is an arabic name that means – small one, active, alive, she who lives, and/or beautiful – and Ayesha is definitely all of those!

She absolutely loves computers and all things technical.  As a matter of fact, she stopped working on some new invention from old cell phones to introduce herself here. Do you see those 3D drawings on her computer?

Ayesha taught herself how to program and although she is not as good as she wants to be yet, she is learning new things every day!  Ayesha also plays the flute and plays like a pro.

Myles is Ayesha’s best friend.  And for some reason, he is always talking about bugs or space.  Although she thinks that can be interesting at times, she always seems to bring the conversation back to computers…. or gymnastics.

Stay in touch!

Since she’s always on her computer, she loves getting email.  So, you can can send her a message any time.  You can also follow her and Myles on twitter.

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