This is Myles!

Myles loves martial arts, kung fu to be exact.  He has lots of friends (which you will meet over the next few months) and enjoys playing with them.

Initially, Myles hated science, but after having to do a school project (science fair), he began to enjoy wondering about how things work and where different things come from.  So, we believe he enjoys science now.  But he’ll share more about that soon.  Myles also plays the drums and has an electric drum set.

His best friend is Ayesha and boy does she keep in him on his toes.  He enjoys computers, but not as much as Ayesha – Myles is more of an outdoor adventure guy.  He likes everything from the smallest of bugs on the ground (even those you can’t see) to the largest of objects in space.

What’s that design on his shirt you ask? Well, that is the symbol for science.  Yup, Myles likes science so much that he wears it, literally!

Another spelling variation of his name is Miles.

Stay in touch!

Do you want to hear more from Myles?  Follow him and Ayesha on twitter.  Want to ask him a question?  Well, feel free to send him an email.  He’ll definitely write you back!

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