The first mobile app designed to teach a bit of African-American history (Black inventors from the last 200+ years), specifically targeting children.

Available on Google Play and the Apple Store.

iPad and Android Tablet versions are on the way!

Game Details

The Black Inventors Match Game celebrates African-American inventors and problem-solvers.   This app gives you a chance to test your memory AND learn about inventions by African-Americans in the United States.  More inventions are added regularly.

How To Play

Each level of the game features a pair of images of each invention faced down (so you can’t see). All images are located randomly in the grid.

Your goal is to find each pair by turning over one tile at a time until you have found its match.  The game ends when you have found all matches.


Benefits of Playing A Match Game

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Should you need support for the Black Inventors Match Game app, we have a special FAQ Support Page for your use, where you can find answers and ask questions, if you’re answers can’t be found.


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