Black and Hispanic Children: Get Ready for Improvement in Math Academic Performance! You Ready?

Of course, all of us involved in the Myles and Ayesha project prefer to focus on the assets of Black and Hispanic children as opposed to their deficits.

So, as we move into this upcoming school year, we want to share various academic areas that could use improvement for our 4th graders. You ready?

According to the National Assessment of Education Progress (NAEP), in 2019, Black and Hispanic children made of 15% and 28%, respectively, of the 4th graders in the US. One area that needs more academic improvement this upcoming school year is in math.

Our Black and Hispanic 4th graders are performing below proficient in math topics such at counting, number conversions, money representation, measurement, and geometry and spatial sense.

NAEP is the leading academic performance tracker for 4th, 8th, and 12 graders in the US.

NAEP Proficent represents solid academic performance.

NAEP Basic denotes partial master of fundamental skills.

As you can see from the graphs below, none of our children performed proficiently in 2019!

As such, we now begin sharing math content for parents and children.

We will also share the origins of NAEP just so you know who is measuring the nation’s (our Black and Hispanic) children and why (we think they are doing it).

Please know that we join you in the journey to educate your children and are at the ready to serve as a resource.

You ready? Get ready!

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